“Nahayat-al-Aghdam fi Elm-al-kalam” Published at Parliament Library

Friday, 03 May 2013 22:52

The parliament library has published “Nahayat-al-Aghdam fi Elm-al-kalam” written by Muhammad ibn Abd-al-karim Shahrestani in 11th century.

This book which is the copy of its the manuscript version has been published with the cooperation of religious University.


“Nahayat-al-Aghdam fi Elm-al-kalam” is a precious book about the Isma’ili religion based on the combination of Ash’ari as well as Ismai’ili principles of thoughts. Seyed Muhammad Emadi Haeri has written an introduction of this book.
“Nahayat-al-Aghdam fi Elm-al-kalam” is available at TIBF and Parliament library.